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Adam, Harry and Jay from the band

Photos taken by Souza

Harry- Music is escapism. Whether used as a distraction during a long commute to work all the way through to being in a UK field with tens of thousands falling all over each other for a weekend. It’s used to zone out from certain monotonies of everyday life and there’s music to suit every mood, any time of day, and every emotion possible.

Adam- Within this lockdown I have personally used the new found time to explore new music to listen to so that we can gain ideas for future songs ourselves.  This has also meant that I have had a lot of free time to learn a lot more covers of songs that I wouldn’t otherwise have time to: as normally we have a gig schedule that means our own songs are the priority.  This has helped with finding new melodies and chord progressions that I am sure we can all bring together when we are back together in the practice rooms. Music has been a really easy method for me to shut off and therefore I play guitar regularly. Writing songs throughout this lockdown has been a lot more focused than it would normally as I have had more time to draft ideas and i then bring them together to complete a fuller sounding song.  Bringing these ideas together with the rest of the group means that they can only sound bigger and better than they do at the minute.

Jay- I would say my relationship with Music hasn’t really changed much over the lockdown period. I’ve continued to listen to Music in same way, although probably less often as I’m no longer commuting to work. I find music is always a great form of escapism, and it has continued to do so throughout lockdown. No matter what situation music for me is always the best way to forget what’s going on in the real world and completely get away from it all. It certainly has done so through these strange times, and I’m sure will continue to do so as normality resumes.

Adam- I believe a lot of people will have missed live music.  I for one have both missed playing live and seeing live music, it’s an experience that’s unmatched really.  Live music has been taken for granted; there are a lot of great smaller bands as well as the obvious great bands about at the minute.  This has been a very negative time for a lot of venues, but because of that I am sure what will follow will be massive.  Everyone I have spoken to has just been saying how much they want to come see Souza live again so a lot of people will be valuing that aspect of being able to experience every type of music live. I have also found that this lockdown has forced me to listen to new bands and even revisit some old classics that I had forgotten about.  I would say I am less of a music snob and I am a lot more open to listening to something that someone has suggested.