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Photos taken by Scott Powell


Member of the band Camens

I’m always grateful I found music. It makes my life better in all sorts of different ways. Creating art in general provides escapism in tough times like these. It gives my life focus as without it I’d probably just be working a job that merely serves to pay bills and doesn’t provide any real life fulfilment. There’s also a certain pride that comes with having created work that other people enjoy. The world would be a pretty dull place for everyone without creatives. I love being one.

Music has certainly been a welcome distraction. Writing and demoing has stopped me sitting and watching the news all day. It's hard to escape the current events in basically anything at the moment... every TV channel, website, blog ,radio station, podcast etc ... it's just none stop Covid and while it's important to stay informed, there’s only so much you can take before the anxiety, scaremongering and uncertainly takes it's toll.. So I’m glad I’ve had music to disappear into. With fairly low fi home recording set ups me and the band have been busy with writing and demoing. We’ve also been working on some isolation covers that are on their way soon. One thing we normally don’t have a lot of is time, so it's been refreshing to have some for a change to focus on new stuff.  

This lockdown has certainly made me realise how important music is for me. Being furloughed from my day job I basically just get up every day and write or play... and I never get bored or tired of it. The last couple of months have been kinda what life would be like if I could get a writing deal or if we were to get a break. If anything its made me want it more, cause when this is over I’m gonna have to go back to selling phones for 40 hours a week. Covid aside. I’d love this to be normality really, lockdown has definitely confirmed that for me.  

One sad thing about this that I fear is that it highlights just how important online and social media content is. Every band is in a content war, even more so now, you’ve got to be inventive, persistent, original, entertaining etc. It's largely content online and your releases that drive people to go to shows. Lockdown hasn’t stopped people putting content out. Its just stopped the gigs. Its sad really… The gig is certainly still important.. heads through the door is the main money maker for the industry now… but not as important as it once was for spreading the word. The online element has overtaken the gig for the best way to reach people. Covid has probably amplified that and made people work all the harder at what content they release. I read an interview with the Pixies recently where Black Francis said he doesn’t even understand why bands bother gigging anymore, you can reach so many more people online, its cheaper and its easier than gigging.

This is our latest single ‘Leave Me In Pieces’ , we did a lockdown video for it to showcase what we’d been up to since the start of quarantine.