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Music Photographer at Ruby Nixon Photography

I have been brought up with a family with a massive love for listening to and making music, and have been attending gigs for as long as I can remember. It allows for creativity amongst anyone - whether you are writing, playing, or even photographing the process as I do. I don’t think I could go a day without listening to music. 

Music has helped me through lockdown, after having so many gigs cancelled (attending as a photographer and as a fan). I have been able to listen to the artists and get by until I am able to see them again in future years. The lockdown has been a weird and sometimes stressful time, but music gives you that element of escapism that is parallel to nothing else. 

Not being able to attend and photograph gigs has been hard as it is my favourite thing in the world, and there isn’t really a way around that during lockdown. I have, however, been able to use this time to look back over old gig photographs and repost them and the memories attached to them. I have also used this time to work on my business and what it stands for, and look to work towards pushing gender equality in the music industry - this time allowing me to reflect on how unequal it currently is and how that should all change once we are out of lockdown.

After this experience, I won’t take live music for granted after all it has been through - so many events cancelled and some amazing venues being threatened to be shut down after losing major income. I will also continue to use music as a form of therapy, some of my favourite artists really speak to me emotionally, and I find this is a helpful way to cope through unusual times such as what we are going through at the moment. 

As a student of BA Photography, I studied a publishing module in which I used my music photography archives to make a dummy book. Unfortunately, it wasn’t created in its final form due to lockdown, but I created a rough dummy at home which you can find a video of the photobook here:

(The artist statement is included in the video’s description).

Photos taken by Ruby Nixon