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Ed and Peter from the band

Ed- Music means everything to me, I can’t imagine life without it. It’s a surefire way to get you through everyday and I guarantee you no matter how you feel at any point in time there’s probably a song or piece of music that can relate to that situation or emotion. During lockdown, I have been mainly just playing and writing in my room and swapping recordings with the lads in the band over social media etc. Don’t think I would’ve survived without it to be honest. I also found myself slowing down and taking my time with writing to make sure every aspect is the best idea possible. This lockdown has taught me to appreciate the live scene more than ever, even the smallest gigs, I’ll never turn anything down ever again. It’s made me realise how important musically social events are to my mental and physical wellbeing.

Peter- Music also literally means everything to me. Pretty much everything I do involves music one way or another, even if its chilling and listening to music or writing and making songs in my bedroom. If not for music, I wouldn’t of met the great people I have that are in my life. Throughout lockdown, I’ve been making a few beats and recording in my bedroom on an old microphone. Me and the lads from the band have also been busy recording riffs and sharing ideas over messages and videos. I’ve learnt that we can create music and share ideas being miles apart. This lockdown has made me miss the live music scene a lot. I’ll definitely be going to a lot more local shows, also it has made me want to gig more than ever.

Check out their most recent music video here:

Photo taken by Distant Blue