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Solo artist

Music means a lot to me – I use music as a personal escape. When I’m writing music, I can focus on what I am feeling at that given time (happy or sad) and write the music that I want to in my own time and my own space – it gives me personal joy to have that ability. Listening to music is very rewarding, being able to find an album or song that barely anyone else has stumbled upon and have a personal relationship with that album, makes the experience of discovering music timeless in my opinion.

During lockdown, I have been using Garageband on my phone to record everything I do. It’s a very simple way of recording. I can easily record, playback, mix and master everything I do on it. It gives the songs I produce a very ‘homemade’ sound to them – I don’t like my songs sounding like they’ve been recorded in an expensive studio. Music comes from what you’re feeling at that time, so sometimes it may sound around the edges, but that’s okay because life isn’t always perfect and I like my music to project that imperfections make perfection, in a way. I’ve been working none stop on music during this lockdown, I’ve been furloughed from work so I’ve been self-reflecting during this period and learning to not take things for granted, It’s come across in my musically lyrically and melodically, the songs I’m writing at the moments are very bittersweet sounding and they’re probably the best songs I’ve written so far, probably because of the emotion behind it all. It’s a difficult time for everyone and my music at the moment definitely encapsulates this. 

This lockdown ​has bought me closer to music. I have more time to write, record and send songs to people for feedback. This time has probably made me more passionate about my music as I can understand what other people are feeling at this time and I feel the lockdown has lifted a huge writers block from a lot of people. 

I think the creative industry has been affected by this, dramatically. Before this, being able to go to gigs with your friends have that gig experience - music, people, all together with one thing in common, it’s a beautiful moment – but no one I personally know has had that this year. The lockdown has made me think of how other people reflect on a song and the feeling that a piece of music gives them. As well as this, I now consider how multiple people can be united through a song’s meaning even while we can’t share music face to face.

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Photos taken by Conor Molloy