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Photos taken by Cameron Degg


Solo artist (clear_view) and member of Saving Face and Moralslip.

I know this is super cliché but music has ruled my life since I was 13 years old. Every single aspect of this interest seriously fascinates me whilst simultaneously inspiring me to be a better msucian and person through my writing. I recently launched a solo project of my own which I have been writing and recording entirely by myself at home and it has proven a great challenge that feels amazing to overcome. I guess I have used music during lockdown to fully express my emotions so that they remain completely private if you have no idea what I am on about yet still off my chest. On one hand, the lockdown has pushed me out of my comfort zone which is my bands but on the other hand I tend to write my best music alone anyway so I don’t feel I have strayed to far off the path. I suppose I have begun to appreciate all the tiny little detail even down to the tiny metaphors because im spending so much time just really listening and anylysing my favourite artists. 

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